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What is Estate Silver?

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Gryphon Estate Silver sells a curated collection of estate, antique and vintage silver. These terms can be a bit confusing so we have simplified the basic description of our inventory as “estate”. The phrase “estate silver” in basic terms, means that an item has been previously owned. For the purposes of our Gryphon Estate Silver website, please be aware that many of our inventory items are “antique” and “vintage” in addition to being considered “estate”. If we are able to date an item, or provide a detailed provenance, that information will be included in the description.

Due to the fact that our inventory is not newly manufactured, you might expect slight areas of wear or small flaws such as dings or dents. We will make every effort to make you aware of any flaws or issues with individual items. All of our carefully selected inventory is inspected by our expert silversmith prior to being listed for sale. Please take the time to read the descriptions of the individual items prior to purchasing and do NOT hesitate to contact our staff via email at silversales@gryphonestatesilver.com or call us at 828-688-9998, if you have any questions. On occasion, Gryphon Estate Silver has the opportunity to purchase items that are considered “new old stock”. These items will often come from a business that has closed. These are not previously owned or “estate” items and they will often be in like-new condition and come with the manufacturer’s boxes and tags. We will do our best to note if inventory items fall into this category.

We are pleased to offer a curated selection of new items from quality silver manufacturers.

Another important factor to keep in mind when considering a purchase from Gryphon Estate Silver is that a large majority of the items on our site are no longer being manufactured. This means that if you see a piece that you just can’t live without, you really should purchase it while you have the chance. This does not mean that our capable silver buyer will not be able to find the silver treasure that your heart desires, it just means that it might take some time and a little bit of luck.

Estate Silver purchased from GES has gone through a meticulous refinishing process by master silversmith, Dan Walker, affectionately known to our Instagram followers as “Mr. Silversmith”. Each piece is fully restored, refinished and oxidized to highlight the ornate detail so it is ready for your table or to be given as a gift.

Yes! Bridal, baby, or just because, Gryphon Estate Silver is thrilled to offer both an easy-to-use gift registry form as well as a wish list for items you aren’t sure about buying. Whether you are a bride, a mother-to-be, or would like to take the guesswork out of gift-giving for your friends and family, please create your personalized gift registry or wish list. Our registry will help ensure that you will receive the desired stunning and unique gifts for your special occasion. Please register for a gift of timeless elegance, “an instant heirloom”, an item that is not only useful, but fabulous to behold!

If you’re looking for a particular type of item, pattern or monogram that isn’t listed on our website, we are happy to help you find one or something like it from our many silver sources! Just head to our Contact Us Page and let us know what it is you’re looking for.

Start by turning your item over and looking for a manufacturer’s or maker’s mark. You should find a hallmark or manufacturer’s name. From there, please email us a picture of the item with as much information as you know and we will be happy to help you identify your treasure!

Luncheon, Dinner, Dessert or Place? Determining the size of silver flatware you have can be a challenge. For example, a luncheon-sized fork is usually approximately 7″ in length and the luncheon knife is roughly 9″ long. It is perfectly acceptable to use this size when serving dinner. A true dinner fork and knife measure approximately 7 1/2″+ and 9 1/2″+, respectively. An entirely new size was created by manufacturers called the “Place size” in the mid-20th Century. Place size is in-between Luncheon and Dinner and will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The best way to measure your flatware is to place it face down on a ruller. Gryphon Estate Silver is delighted to help you determine what size you have, in addition to the type of blades, etc

This is a great question and one of the most frequently asked by our customers. The term sterling refers to the puryt (925/1000) of an item. The standard purity for American sterling, set by law in 1909, is 925 parts of pure silver out of 1,000. Other countries use different hallmarks and purities for their silver. If your piece is sterling and made by an American manufacturer, it will be marked as such! You should find the word “sterling” or the numbers “925” on the underside or back of the handle. Silver plate refers to items made out of a base metal such as brass or copper with a “coating” or plating of silver. Silver plate items can be quite lovely, and are easily mistaken for sterling by those who are new to the fabulous world of silver. Gryphon Estate Silver’s knowledgeable staff are always happy to assist you in learning more about your silver, so do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone!

Our motto is “if you have it, use it”! We highly recommend that you use your sterling flatware at each meal, taking care to clean it properly (see care/storage tips above). Don’t serve coffee in your gorgeous silver server? Use it as a vase! We like to say that we are “bringing silver back”! Please see our photo gallery of place and table settings using silver.

Gryphon Estate Silver’s sister company, Oexning Silversmiths, Inc., is a premier restoration shop offering a complete line of expert restoration services for antique silver nationwide. Their team of craftsmen are prepared to repair or refinish your treasured sterling, silver plate, pewter, brass and copper items. Please feel free to contact Oexning Silversmiths at 828-688-9998 or via email at oexning@gmail.com for more information or a free estimate. You can also find them online at www.oexningsilversmiths.com or on Facebook and Instagram!

It seems that when it comes to silver polish, everyone has their favorite. First and foremost we recommend you use a polish made specifically for silver, especially on silver plated items. For some of the more stubborn black marks and stains on sterling you might try a multi-metal polish, but we do NOT recommend harsh chemical dips. We like Hagerty, Wrights and Goddards and lots of elbow grease! If you are unable to remove tarnish or have concerns about silver, please contact the experts at Oexning Silversmiths, Inc. at oexning@gmail.com for additional suggestions or a repair/refinishing estimate. Click here to shop our Silver Care Storage Products.

Yes, we do! Please email us a detailed list of the items you wish to sell. Include as much information about your items (manufacturer, pattern, and measurements) as possible. It is also helpful for us to know if there are any condition issues with the items, as well as any monograms. We will review your list and make you an offer.

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Gryphon Estate Silver is happy to assist you with replacing, identifying, matching, buying or selling silver, but at this time, we do not offer appraisals. You should look for a certified appraiser in your area. Please keep in mind that the “insured value” and replacement values can be quite different. Should you have a loss and need assistance with replacement of your silver at a price dramatically lower than the department store, we will be pleased to assist you.

Gryphon Estate Silver does not currently have a retail location, but can be found at The Terrace Oaks Antique Mall in Charleston, SC. Please note that prices at retail locations may vary from our online store. You can find a selection of our estate silver at:

  • Schiffman’s Jewelers in Winston Salem and Greensboro, NC
  • Morrison Smith Jewelers in Charlotte, NC
  • Marthaler Jewelers in Asheville, NC
  • Terrace Oaks Antiques in Charleston, SC

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