What is Estate Silver?

If you prefer a more personal shopping experience or have any questions, do not hesitate to call Beth, Missy, or Cynthia at 800-332-6857 or email us at sales@gryphonestatesilver.com. Thank you for visiting Gryphon Estate Silver, we look forward to serving you. Gryphon Estate Silver sells a curated collection of estate, antique and vintage silver. These terms can be a bit confusing so we have simplified the basic description of our inventory as "estate". The phrase "estate silver" in basic terms, means that an item has been previously owned. For the purposes of our Gryphon Estate Silver website, please be aware that many of our inventory items are "antique" and "vintage" in addition to being considered "estate" . If we are able to date an item, or provide a detailed provenance, that information will be included in the description.

Due to the fact that our inventory is not newly manufactured, you might expect slight areas of wear or small flaws such as dings or dents. We will make every effort to make you aware of any flaws or issues with individual items. All of our carefully selected inventory is inspected by our expert silversmith prior to being listed for sale. Please take the time to read the descriptions of the individual items prior to purchasing and do NOT hesitate to contact our staff via email at sales@gryphonestatesilver.com or call us at 800-332-6857. On occasion, Gryphon Estate Silver has the opportunity to purchase items that are considered "new old stock". These items will often come from a business that has closed. These are not previously owned or "estate" items and they will often be in like-new condition and come with the manufacturer's boxes and tags. We will do our best to note if inventory items fall into this category.

Another important factor to keep in mind when considering a purchase from Gryphon Estate Silver is that a large majority of the items on our site are no longer being manufactured. This means that if you see a piece that you just can't live without, you really should purchase it while you have the chance. This does not mean that our capable silver buyer will not be able to find the silver treasure that your heart desires, it just means that it might take some time and a little bit of luck.